Trekking Permit

Do I need Trekking Permit?

A trekking permit is a must to visit restricted areas mentioned below. To visit normal trekking areas, no permission is required.
Restricted areas which have been opened for Group Trekking The following restricted areas are open only for group trekkers. And a trekking permit will not be issued to individual trekkers for such areas. The areas and required fees are as follows: S.N. Area Fee (per person)

1. Areas of lower Dolpa US$ 10 per person per week.

2. Taplejung District (Kanchanjanga Region):-Areas of Olangchunggola, Lelep, Papung and Yamphudin Village Development Committee. Sankhuwasabha District (Makalu Region):-Areas of Kimathanka, Chepuwa, Hatiya and Pawakhola Village Development Committee. Solukhumbu District (Everest Region):-All north-west area way from Thame to Nangpala of Namche Village Development Committee. Per week per person US$ 10

3. Rasuwa District :-Thuman and Tingure per week per person US$ 10

4. Manang District:- Areas of Nar, Phu, and Northern area of Tilche Village of Thochhe Village Development Committee For September to November per week per person US$ 90 and December to August per week per person US$ 75.

5. Mugu District:- Areas of Mugu, Dolpu, Pulu and Bhangri. For the first 7 days per person US $90 and After 7 days per day per person Us$15.

6. Baihang District:-Areas of Kanda, Saipal, Dhuli. For the first 7 days per person US $90 and After 7 days per day per person Us$15.

7. Darchula District:- Areas of Byas Village Development Committee. For the first 7 days per person US $90 and After 7 days per day per person Us$15.

8. Upper Mustang and Upper Dolpa District:- For the first 10 days per person US $500 and After 10 days per day per person Us$50.

9. Gorkha District (Manaslu Area):- For Sepetmber to November per person US$ 70 for a week and 10 US$ per day per person and December to August for
a week per person US$ 50 and additional US $ 7 per trekker per each extra day.

10. Humla District (Simikot and Yari):- Areas of Limi and Muchu village village Development Committee, and area way to Tibet via Tangekhola of Darma Village Development committee. For the first 7 days per person US $50 and After 7 days per day per person Us$7.

Note : To get a group trekking permit an application form with other relevant documents should be submitted through any registered trekking agency of Nepal. Trekking Permits Issuing Offices: Dept. of Immigration, Bhirkutimandap, Kathmandu. Miscellaneous Fees
a. Travel document (in case of loss/damage/theft/or expiry of the passport)-US$ 20
b. Issuance of Entry Visa from the Dept.-25% additional fee along with regular entry visa fee.
c. Certification of Arrival or Departure stamps or replacement of trekking permit US$ 1 (one).

permit fee for Chekampar and Chunchet of Gorkha district (Sirdibas-Lhokpa-Chumling-Chekampar-Nile-Chule) has been fixed at US $ 35 per person for eight days during September to November and US $ 25 per person per eight days during December to August.