River Rafting
River Rafting
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People who love adventure sports would love the kind of landscape and geography that Nepal offers. Rafting is one such sport that is enjoyed immensely by people who visit Nepal. The scenic beauty added with the thrill of rafting gives great satisfaction to those who seek it. There are several places in Nepal that one can go for rafting. The following ones are the most chosen ones.

Seti River:
Favored due to the warmer temperatures of the water, Seti River is considered an epitome of scenic beauty. It is also best suited for a short trip. It provides beautiful scenery along with the gentleness that one can enjoy with family and friends. During the summer, the river is much calmer making it a much peaceful ride whereas during rainy season the water picks up speed providing the required thrill. Seti is considered one among the best places to start learning as well as enjoying the experience of river rafting. Seti is easily accessible from Katmandu from where you have to reach Damauli. The river is approximately about 35 kms, making it best suited for a two-days rafting. The scenic beauty, combined with the musical rapture of the birds and calm waters, makes it a must visit place for rafters.
Marsyandi  River:
Marsyandi  Rivercalled the raging river, the Marsyangdi River requires three days for rafting. It takes about 5 to 6 hours from Katmandu to reach this river. It is called raging river for a reason. The River is steep providing excellent opportunity for continuous action in the water. Challenging even to an experienced rafter, the river, 35kms in length, is intense with several deep gorges and several canyons with the scenic mountain Annapurna and Manaslu providing the most enchanting backdrop. The river is best-rafted in the months of summer when it is less challenging, and if it is the exacting and thrilling experience one wants, the pre-monsoon and monsoon will be the best time to visit.
Karnali River:
For those looking out for a longer trip, Karnali River is one of the best places for a long river rafting experience. Requiring nearly 10 days, Karnali River is called the Wild West as it is located in the western part of Nepal. The best location to start rafting will be from Kareleghat. The river is about 180 kms, which takes about 7 to 8 days to enjoy fully what the river has to offer. Filled with several gorges and canyons, the river is very challenging during the pre monsoon and monsoon seasons when it swells up making it very exacting on even the most experienced rafters whereas in summer it is much calmer but not less challenging. Any season the river will leave a lasting impression on the mind of the rafter making it one of the most sought after places for river rafting.
Sunkoshi River:
Taking about 8 to 10 days, the river of gold, the Sunkoshi River is about 270 kms in length. It starts its journey from the Mahabharath Lake to the Himalayas providing excellent scenery which is ever-changing, making every experience different and unique. The most commonly used starting point for the trip is from Dolalghat, which is easily accessible through Katmandu. With beautiful valleys, mountain ranges and several villages to cross, the river provides opportunity for both easy river rafting along with the challenging and tedious bends. What initially looks simple, with easy and simple bends in the beginning days, ends with the rafter managing the most interesting and stimulating challenges that the river throws at him bringing out the best individually as well as showing the best of teamwork. No wonder, it is considered one among the top ten best rivers to raft in the world.
Trishuli River :
To the west of Katmandu is the Trishuli River. It takes about 4 to 5 hours to reach here from Katmandu. Being about 15 to 60 km, it will provide rafting experience of two to three days making it much suitable for a short trip. Similar to Seti River in terms of flow, the river is much easier to deal with in summer and winter and gains rapidness in its flow during the rainy months, making it ideal for first time rafters. The scenery along with the adventure is what draws a huge number of rafters to Trishuli River every year.
Kali Gandaki:
If it is the amazing waterfalls with beautiful scenery and the bountifulness of Nepal that you desire then, rafting in Kali Gandaki is a must. The rafting takes approximately three days of your time but the experience is huge. The waterfalls, the forests and the local villages of Magar and Chetri are the best background any river could have. The length being 55 kms, it takes about three days of rafting. The best way to reach Kali Gandaki is from Pokhara from where it is just about 3 hours drive. You will also get to see a lot of temples on the way along with the view of the Annapurna Mountain. The Kali Gandhaki is considered a very holy river hence you may witness several cremation grounds as well as burial sites along the rafting river way. Enjoyed by both novice and experienced rafters, Kali Gandaki is an experience that will remain forever, imprinted in the mind.
Tamur River:
The river is about 120kms in length and aptly called the Best of East or Jewel of the East. It takes about 10 to 12 days to complete the trip with the best time to visit being the months of summer and winter for those who prefer less challenging river rafting and pre monsoon and monsoon for those seeking a wild river to conquer. Flowing from Kanchenjunga, the river provides good flow of water, which is very exacting on the rafter as well as very exhilarating. The river is very intense with very little inhabitation on the river banks, leaving the backdrop as pristine and clear as the water itself.
Bhote Koshi River:
Bhote Kosi in translation means harmony of Tibet and the Himalayas; this only proves that names can be deceptive. The river is famous for the rafting thrill it provides. The ideal place to start the trip will be from Baseri, which is to the north east of Katmandu. The river is approximately about 25 kms in length, which takes about two days of rafting to complete, providing excellent scenery. However, the steepness of the river combined with the rapidness with which the water flows will leave very little time for looking around. The Bhote Koshi River is considered very steep and best suited for people looking for short trip but with the adrenaline rush that only such a rapid river can provide. The best time to visit the river for rafting will be spring and the autumn months and the river is most favored by people who have less time but are experienced in river rafting.
Arun River:
Considered by every trekker a delight the Arun River enters the list of every rafter. This 70 km stretch of a river takes about 5 to 6 days of trip to complete. The reason it is called as a trekkers delight is because the river is not accessible without first trekking through the village of Bumbling after having reached Hill. The trek as well as the rafting is considered a unique experience in itself. The river is considered very challenging with several difficult bends to conquer. The beautiful valley and the lush greenery provide the best background and the fact that it is less frequented add to the uniqueness of the trip.