Trekking In Tibet

Trekking in Tibet, that means on the roof of the world is the only way to see, touch and feel Tibet in the real sense.The mysteries will reveal and the beauties will reflect in the mountains, rivers, gorges and rugged landscape. You will gain a fascinating insight into the lives of its people, history,culture and its scenery.

Most of the trekking trips commence after few days driving from the cities, depending the region you have chosen for. All the camping gears and food supplies are transported by trucks to the trekking starting point and then Yaks have to do the job onwards. Camping gears include sleeping tents which are spacious, mattresses and sleeping bags. For your comfort, dinning tables and chairs are alos supplied. Camping sites are chosen keeping the view of water facilities. As far as possible, we would like to encourage the consumption of local products like vegetables and fruits where as canned foods are also brought to add the variety in the cuisine.

Our cooks and crews have years of experience in catering delicious and hygenic cuisines in such trekking trips. Breakfast and Dinner are served with hot beverages. For lunch, you will be served cold salads,breads, fruits and sandwiches. However, your co-operation and adjustment will be always requested.